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MSI Announces iPad Mini Clone: Primo 81


I haven’t swept all of the Net yet, so there might be more details forthcoming (I will update the post at bottom, if necessary), but right now Notebook Italia is reporting [Google English] that known brand name MSI has announced the Primo 81, which looks to me like a rebadged Onda V818 without the Onda widgets and home screen. It’s the typical AllWinner A31s-based platform specs, down to the inadequate 1GB of RAM.

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Just Buy Nook Media Right Now, Microsoft

Microsoft Said to Cut Windows for Tablet Prices

Microsoft still doesn’t have any fundamental understanding of what the hell is going on.

So I will illustrate the problem with a graphic. Here it is:


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Cashing-Out Is Selling-Out

A Personal Note On Nikki Finke From Mike Fleming

The note is from Mike Fleming, Not Nikki Finke. That says a lot.

Nikki Finke created Deadline. She ripped through the existing Hollywood media like a hurricane through a small town, overturning everything and destroying the status quo.

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