Cashing-Out Is Selling-Out

A Personal Note On Nikki Finke From Mike Fleming

The note is from Mike Fleming, Not Nikki Finke. That says a lot.

Nikki Finke created Deadline. She ripped through the existing Hollywood media like a hurricane through a small town, overturning everything and destroying the status quo.

Who didn’t like her? The usual pricks. The ones who see only dollar signs and will smack down anyone who gets in their path to the money trough.

When Penske bought Deadline, I hoped for the best. Nikki is a woman with guts.

I don’t know if it’s illness, her choice, or Penske, but I’ve seen less and less of Nikki at Deadline and more of the same boring reporting you can really get anywhere.

Here is the goddammed truth that you had better tattoo on your forehead so you’ll see it when you have to face yourself in the mirror on That Day: When someone wants to buy your site, that doesn’t mean they want you — they want your audience.

I’ve seen site after site built by individuals then sold to companies become the same kind of blanded-out shit that drove people away from competing sites to begin with. When you get rid of the person who attracted that audience, you wind up losing the audience too, period. And you should!

Like her or not, Nikki had a point of view and wasn’t afraid to tell you what it was. When anyone other than her expresses an opinion under a Deadline byline, it’s like the weak mew of a deathbed kitten compared to the lion’s roar of Nikki.

I’ve been visiting Deadline less and less as there’s been less of Nikki. Why bother? What’s there to enjoy? What truth is there to read? You can set up goddammed Google bots to churn out the regurgitation of facts that it now does. It’s become just like all the printed newspapers that people don’t buy.

Here’s another thing: When Nikki was in charge, all my Comments went through. Several months ago, mysteriously, not a single Comment of mine has been posted, no matter how bland it might have been. That says a lot too.

A final word from the Comments there that is the Truth:

Nikke Finke built this website with her bare hands and her signature frank wit. Without Finke it will need a name change to Flatline Hollywood

Same-day update: Nikki Finke To Sharon Waxman: Just Stop It

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