MSI Announces iPad Mini Clone: Primo 81


I haven’t swept all of the Net yet, so there might be more details forthcoming (I will update the post at bottom, if necessary), but right now Notebook Italia is reporting [Google English] that known brand name MSI has announced the Primo 81, which looks to me like a rebadged Onda V818 without the Onda widgets and home screen. It’s the typical AllWinner A31s-based platform specs, down to the inadequate 1GB of RAM.

This is a very significant development. MSI gained notoriety back in the day for its killer netbook. the MSI Wind, which became the netbook of choice for Hackintoshes. MSI sells internationally. Could this be the first iPad Mini clone to have widespread distribution in real-world brick and mortar stores? Is Apple going to allow that?

Same-day update: Engadget in China has the story [Google English]. And here are two interesting pictures from them (lots more at the site):




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2 responses to “MSI Announces iPad Mini Clone: Primo 81

  1. booger

    See the one hand grasp of that tablet at the beginning of the video. Most people can´t do that with 8 inch tablets, nor can you fit in back pocket when walking around house. 7.9 is needed.

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