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Chuwi V88 Colors Go On Sale


Google English: Slim & colorful back cover, Chi for speed pad mini quad-core tablet on sale Lynx

Allegedly the models of Chuwi V88 with color back covers are starting to go on sale, but only via their official TMall Store [Google English]. Given how bad the Google English is, you’re going to need a lot of luck getting one.


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This Is Why Amazon Will Do A Phone

Amazon Earned Over $600 Million in Ad Revenue Last Year

The shift to mobile. Numerous publishers have struggled to keep pace as consumers have shifted time away from desktop devices to smartphones and tablets. Amazon, along with the rest of the marketplace, will likely face continued challenges as digital ad dollars shift with them to the few companies with strong mobile ad offerings — Facebook, Google and Twitter, to name a few. Still, Amazon does already have a strong retail presence on both sets of devices, and accounts for a large share of US retail mcommerce sales, which could give it an advantage over competitors. At the same time, consumers remain far less likely to make purchases on mobile devices — something that has historically kept cost-per-click (CPC) ad rates on mobile search ads relatively low compared with desktop CPCs, and likewise for mobile search ad revenues as a whole.

Bezos never rests.

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