D-Day Was For Nothing

June 6th, 1941 — sixty-nine years ago today — the Allied Expeditionary Force crossed the English Channel to liberate a conquered and enslaved Europe from under the heel of the Nazi boot.

They needn’t have bothered.

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily

NSA taps in to internet giants’ systems to mine user data, secret files reveal



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2 responses to “D-Day Was For Nothing

  1. Keishon

    Just learned this bit of news late. Looks like Obama is spending most of his second term ducking scandals from drone strikes to spying. What’s next? Waiting for a Wag the Dog moment.

  2. That headline sums up my feelings. I posted on Twitter that I would like to congratulate al quida. They have won by the sheer evidence of losing our Fourth Amendment rights. Bush43 stated this in one of his speeches just after 9-11. Anyone in government that knew about this should be shown the door. They do not deserve to serve us as a public servent. Anyone that believes this is non-consequential should consult a history book. Read what tricky Dick Nixon and his cronies tried to do. Also where do I go to get back my four years spent in the Air Force. I did not agree to defend with my time a country like this. President Obama needs to read his campaign speeches. Here is a paraphrase of one of his sentences. We need someone to watch the watchers. The American people better start watching. Thus far I am not impressed with their watching.

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