Inventec Lyon: Just So Damn Wrong

So far, the big news today is the unveiling of a seven-inch Windows 8 (as in full 8, not RT) tablet.


And Inventec’s alleged “designers” went straight back the iMac G3 era for “inspiration.”

See the gory video after the break.

This is what will save Windows tablets? Something that looks like you’d buy it for a kid? And who thought that fat bezel was a good idea on such a small device?

But hey, if you don’t like faux Bondi Blue, you can get it in Gangstah Gold.


Um, yeah, that shit will really sell.

Microsoft was right in designing the Surface. Microsoft might not have any taste — but Microsoft’s partners have outright anti-taste.


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3 responses to “Inventec Lyon: Just So Damn Wrong

  1. Reminds me of a PlaySchool toy that might show up in the toy department.

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  3. john

    sorry guys, that looks like a well engineered mini-tablet to me. but then again, i’m looking forward to the nook RT.

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