Barnes & Noble’s Strange Moves

B&N Mysteriously Removes Nook for PC and Nook for Mac for Download

For some reason unknown Barnes and Noble has taken down the Nook for PC and Nook for Mac ereading programs from their website. The only program that remains from the download page for accessing Nook books from a computer is the Windows 8 PC app. That’s a very perplexing move considering how few people use Windows 8.

With Apple’s WWDC next week, I wonder if they were pulled for an updated version release next week? But even that makes no damn sense. And someone at the B&N boards noted one of the programs has been gone for the past six weeks.

Nook for PC has been gone for at least 6 weeks; my sister went to download it toward the end of April, and it had disappeared.

So much for making an impression outside of the B&N forum bubble.

Barnes & Noble Announces Fiscal 2013 Year-End Earnings Release Date and Conference Call Webcast

It’s June 25th. I expect much bloodshed to be revealed. I predict they will spin the discounted color Nook sales as being a success without offering any proof. And given the moribund state of the Nook forums I peeked at today, I wouldn’t be surprised if their digital sales were lower too.

On the other hand …

At Computex Microsoft revealed the existence of an unannounced Lenovo tablet, called the Miix 8. A 16:9 eight-inch full Windows 8 tablet that looks to be quite slim. These are the only three photos of it on the Net (I’ve looked for more, as well as video):




It looks enticingly slim, but is it really? It could be the same size, just about, as the NookColor or Nook Tablet — and just as dense and heavy as them too.

But that would still make it smaller and sleeker than the Surface and all current Windows RT tablets too.

Notice it’s not a 4:3 1024 x 768 screen. I still maintain that will be the “Nook RT.”

But that’s only if Microsoft buys Nook Media. If an announcement isn’t made soon — sometime this month — I think Nook Media is sunk. I’ve been seeing a huge drop-off in chatter about the Nook generally and in various forums. People have been abandoning the sinking ship.

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