Trevor Yuile’s Orphan Black Season Finale Music

What I wrote previously:

First, some words about the score by Trevor Yuile. I saw the finale twice, the second time with a good set of headphones. Yuile’s score is just amazing. There’s a hint of Helena in the score for Alison. And the final minutes took my breath away. A perfect match of visuals and mood, creating a dark inevitability. It wound me up just like the montage music by Frans Bak for Forbrydelsen. I hope he’ll be doing the second season because his scoring is a part of the storytelling just as much as the acting, writing, and directing.

And now Trevor Yuile has posted to Soundcloud the near seven and a half-minute score that closed out the season finale of Orphan Black.

You have to hear this. It’s fantastic. It should get you curious to see the show — which you really must see.

The sound of the Universe crying as it watches you go to your predestined doom that was mapped out since the beginning of time.


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