“The Normal State Of Business”

Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind revelations of NSA surveillance

Snowden uses the phrase, “the normal state of business.” It’s not in the text, it’s in the video at the above link.

And now this …

New Alan Moore Interview in The Believer

When I was doing V for Vendetta years ago, and I started to introduce the Nazi heads of this totalitarian state in the far-flung future of 1997, I’d been marching against the National Front and taking part in the Rock Against Racism marches, and I realized that I can’t just portray Nazis as bad guys, because everybody knows that, and you’re not saying anything. You’re contributing to the myth that they were somehow separate from the rest of humanity, which they weren’t. The Nazis were just ordinary human beings who got caught up in something very bad and, at the time, rather unprecedented. This is not to excuse their behavior, obviously, it’s simply to point out that it doesn’t do you any service to demonize any group of people. It’s much better to try and understand from the inside.

If you haven’t yet, now would be the time to read Norman Spinrad’s novel, Agent of Chaos. Still only available in paper, but go get it anyway. You’ll want to pass it on, especially to those who don’t have eBook capabilities.

The servant of Order, by the very fact that he strives to maintain an eddy of decreased Social Entropy in a hostiley Chaotic universal context must imagine dangers lurking around every corner. The servant of Chaos does not imagine such dangers; he knows that they are there.


My loyalty was never to the Hegemony as such—when conditions change, forms must change with them. […] My loyalty is only to the truth, the truth and that social order which serves the interests of the greatest possible number under any given conditions. Until now, that has been the peace and prosperity secured by the Order of the Hegemony. But when conditions change, a logical man reforms his hypotheses and analyses accordingly.

Get the book.

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One response to ““The Normal State Of Business”

  1. Martin

    We watch accion movies,sci fi series, read fantasy book, all about being watched.. And now is all true. And we don’t know what to think what to feel. Angry, fear… I was lived in Chicago in 2008 when Mr O. “Change we can believe in” YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!…
    Also I can’t belive in a guy who moved to CHINA to make an altruist monolog about FREEDOM. This is so crazy. We supose to feel safe and free ,and now we feel un safe and totaly under control of a NSA regimen.
    Ayn Rand if she resurrected,After reading the news paper, I believe that She would return to die feeling that she lose the battle.
    All very sad.

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