Apple Reveals iOS 7

The rumors of “black and white and flat” were all true.

In the worst possible ways.

What was the internal codename for iOS 7 — “Anorexia”? Some of that, um, design looks starved.

After the break, some Twitter reaction that I agree with.

He was wrong!

And drumroll …

I didn’t get to see the live video. But some of those people did and some of them were even in the Apple audience.

It could look better in person. But, really, those flat icons? I don’t recall anyone wanting to puke over the icons when Jobs originally unveiled the iPhone. If anything, I think many people marveled at the amount of work that went into them. The current flat icons look … trivial.

I’m no fan of the Windows Phone design and seeing elements of it on the iPhone — done by Apple and not by a jailbreak Cydia tweak — is head-spinning.

iOS was all about being apparent. I think iOS 7 has subtracted from that mandate and people new to the iPhone will become confused.

There’s one thing that pleased me:

I so much want to see what that will be like.

Many Cydia tweaks were murdered by Apple today. Will that kill jailbreaking? I don’t think so. I think there will be a new market for tweaks that “correct” the flatness and also give iOS 7 a more “classic” iOS look and feel.

And one more thing: They showed iOS7 only on an iPhone. What stuff haven’t we yet seen for the iPad version?


iOS 7 Went Too Far In The Other Direction


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