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iOS 7: I See Now

I took time out today to watch the Apple WWDC Keynote. This wasn’t possible until I could borrow a more powerful computer (which is actually a lower-end Windows 7 notebook).

I understand what they’re up to now.

This is really a huge break in philosophy from prior versions of iOS.

Seeing it being used live, even via video on a notebook, is different from trying to parse it out from screensnaps — even when using the screensnaps just to critique design decisions.

Gruber is right: ‘This Is Our Signature’: iOS 7

Jobs left Apple to everyone else. His time came to end.

iOS 7 is the beginning of their time. And they’ve signed it.

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iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed

Those seeking an alternative to the Chuwi V88 might want to look at the ICOO Fatty 2, which shares many design elements and is also based on the powerful Rockchip 3188 platform.


Google English: Ai Kou fat Ding 2 Reviews 7.9 inch Quad-Core Tablet PC RK3188 chubby Ding big life

After the break, the significant points from the review.

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