iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed

Those seeking an alternative to the Chuwi V88 might want to look at the ICOO Fatty 2, which shares many design elements and is also based on the powerful Rockchip 3188 platform.


Google English: Ai Kou fat Ding 2 Reviews 7.9 inch Quad-Core Tablet PC RK3188 chubby Ding big life

After the break, the significant points from the review.

1) Like Chuwi V88, AC adapter not included in box
2) No pointy edge like the Chuwi V88
3) Plastic rim and partial back for better radio performance
4) Plastic weakens strength of metal back (flexes)
5) Power, Volume buttons are a bit problematic
6) Speaker is not the best, distortion at max
7) Android is unmolested, not skinned or bloated
8) Some pre-installed Chinese apps require root to delete
9) There’s Bluetooth
10) Ten-point multitouch
11) System takes up half of 1GB of system RAM
12) Get the 2GB RAM version!
13) Mobile hard drive did not work with USB OTG
14) Strong WiFi performance
15) 5.500 mAh battery with record-setting endurance

What was not mentioned:

1) AnTuTu score
2) microSD card slot

As for the AnTuTu score, I’d expect it to match the Chuwi V88. This is the same 3188 platform and Android is basically vanilla. There is no apparent reason for it to be slower or any less powerful.

As for the microSD card slot, a prior advertorial from ICOO specifically pointed out that the microSD card sits flush and does not protrude as with the Chuwi V88. Take that as you will.

On a personal note, I found it interesting that they tested PDFs. Unfortunately, conventional PDFs are not the same as the massive Google Books PDFs that interest me.

Some people might have a problem with the slight flexiness of the metal back. There’s no word that it interferes with the device (unlike with the Archos 80 and 101 G9). This compromise seems to be worth it for improved WiFi signal reach and strength, which has been a problem of clones with all-metal backs.

The risk with buying any Chinese tablet is how much support it will have in terms of OS updates. I have no experience with ICOO and I leave it up to all of you readers to ask around to others who have.

And there’s one more point to consider that no one else has brought up: Will any of these clones be able to get the Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) update? That is, do they have sufficient ROM space for such an update? I wonder if everyone will be left holding tablets that are just about obsolete by year’s end. Keep that in mind if you intend to buy.

Given all that it has going for it — better WiFi, better battery, and flush microSD card, to name just three — the ICOO Fatty 2 could displace the Chuwi V88 as the iPad Mini clone to get.

Here’s a pimping video from TinyDeal:

And Charbax gives us a tour of ICOO:

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6 responses to “iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed

  1. amanda

    thanks for the highlights – very useful info. Only one point – you say get the 2gb version, but there isn’t one?!

    • mikecane

      AFAIK, there is one, but it hasn’t made its way into sales channels yet. I don’t know why it’s delayed.

      Edit to add:

      Here’s a video showing an ICOO Fatty 2 with 2GBs of RAM:

      So it does exist. I can’t account for stores not having it in or not listing one with 2GBs of RAM. Has to be an error somewhere in the pipeline.

  2. Sierra

    At 4:57 in that video, it shows only 1GB of RAM (447+572=1019), I think you confused ROM for RAM, otherwise I don’t know where you took that information from.
    I wish this had 2GB RAM, I wanted something with a RK3188 and a huge battery, but if it’s not possible, I guess I’ll get the V88…

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