Chuwi V88 Charger Explodes

This is one of the hazards of being on the cutting edge and ordering any Chinese tablet:

When I wanted to charge it for the first time, the charger explode. Now with a new charger, the battery does not charge and I think the video card and battery got fried with the incident. It works fine for a minute or so but then I get this distorted image.

See the video after the break.

I wonder if he was sent the correct charger to begin with? The charger is in a separate box and I can see a mix-up by a seller happening very easily.

And a Commenter adds:

That is not good. Mine sparks when I plug it up to charge it

You know, as much as I have liked the idea of a speedy iPad Mini clone from China, that Acer Iconia A1-810 is beginning to look better. It’s not the thinnest, lightest, or speediest tablet, but it’s also not an All Or Nothing bet.


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2 responses to “Chuwi V88 Charger Explodes

  1. Yes, the chargers are crap. Most China tablet chargers, and indeed cheap USB chargers are bad, Have a read of this:

    I use the charger that came with my Ployer Momo20 which is a 2.5A charger – the one that came with the Chuwi is only 2A and gets very hot, indicating it is on the edge of its performance. An alternative is to get a 12W Apple Charger and a 2.5/0.7mm USB charger cable – I do this when I travel and pack an Anker 3E battery pack to charge on the go.

    The flashing screen may be down to the battery being too low charged – I have an RK3066 device that does this when the battery gets too low (the battery reading is too high so it doesnt shut down automatically). A full charge while switched off cured this.

    I have both the Chuwi V88 and the A1-810. I like both devices but the Chuwi has the edge. The Acer is better built, if a little heavier and thicker, plus it has the backup of OTA updates, which will come – I have a B1 also and that has had several OTA updates. However, now I have sorted my V88 with different FW and tweaks, it works much better – the extra performance is nice, and the battery life is acceptable.

  2. jan

    yeah, it was the right charger, but crap indeed :)

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