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Chuwi V88 Significant Design Change

This is a surprise.

Google English: There are pictures and the truth 699 spike V88 popular version of this one day only

That’s an advertorial that Google Translate munches into bits of nonsense that are difficult to reassemble into plain English.

But from the photos and some text, Chuwi has:

1) Flattened the edges
2) Added a plastic strip on the back
3) Redesigned the sound output
4) Created a Smart Cover

Photos after the break.

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The Color Nook Death Sale Has Begun

I neglected to check the B&N site this morning, so Paid Content got the news first: Not a good sign: Barnes & Noble just keeps slashing Nook tablet prices

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On May 13th, in How The Windows RT Nook Will Happen And Its Price, I wrote:

One thing to watch for: A fire sale price cut on the Nook HD and Nook HD+ to clear out all remaining stocks as soon as possible. This would likely happen before an announcement of Microsoft acquiring Nook Media and signal that such an acquisition will happen. The fire sale could happen within a few weeks with the acquisition announced late June.

And so here we are.

The Color Nook Death Sale.

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