Chuwi V88 Significant Design Change

This is a surprise.

Google English: There are pictures and the truth 699 spike V88 popular version of this one day only

That’s an advertorial that Google Translate munches into bits of nonsense that are difficult to reassemble into plain English.

But from the photos and some text, Chuwi has:

1) Flattened the edges
2) Added a plastic strip on the back
3) Redesigned the sound output
4) Created a Smart Cover

Photos after the break.

Notice the plastic strip and flattened edge:


This was the prior pointy edge:


The official Chuwi Smart Cover:


The plastic strip at the rear bottom is evident:


Note that this advertorial is about the 1GB version of the Chuwi V88.

It seems to me that Chuwi has addressed two complaints from buyers: The pointy edge and the weak wireless performance.

It will be interesting to see if this redesign also addresses one of the biggest owner complaints: The microSD card protruding from its slot.

See? This is why I have a policy of never being the first to buy. Who knew that Chuwi would ever revamp its design at all? Now let’s see if it carries over to the 2GB model as well.

Update June 20, 2013: Subsequent reports at other sites state this is an entirely new model from Chuwi, called the V88s.

Update June 22, 2013: Confirmed by Chuwi itself on their site:


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3 responses to “Chuwi V88 Significant Design Change

  1. kamil

    where will be for sale?

  2. Barok

    The new Chuwi V88 shown above looks very similar to the Icoo Fatty II. Don’t you think so?

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