The Color Nook Death Sale Has Begun

I neglected to check the B&N site this morning, so Paid Content got the news first: Not a good sign: Barnes & Noble just keeps slashing Nook tablet prices

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On May 13th, in How The Windows RT Nook Will Happen And Its Price, I wrote:

One thing to watch for: A fire sale price cut on the Nook HD and Nook HD+ to clear out all remaining stocks as soon as possible. This would likely happen before an announcement of Microsoft acquiring Nook Media and signal that such an acquisition will happen. The fire sale could happen within a few weeks with the acquisition announced late June.

And so here we are.

The Color Nook Death Sale.

Unfortunately for Nook Media:

1) There’s not yet any sign these will soon be sold out

2) Even discounted, they’re just not worth buying

Even deep discounts can’t change the fact these tablets are just slow. And there are better options out there, like the Archos 80 Titanium or the Acer Iconia A1-810. Both are unrestricted Android, unmolested Android, and are faster than both color Nooks. And thanks to the Android Nook app, you don’t need to buy a color Nook to read Nookbooks.

Oh, there’s a third thing too: Nook Media shooting itself.

It’s now confirmed news everywhere that Nook Media dropped its Mac and legacy-PC desktop programs, leaving all of those users stranded. But, most importantly, that move damaged Nook Media itself. When you intend to abandon something — like everything other than Windows 8 support — you should synchronize the moves. The desktop software shouldn’t have been killed until the color tablets were both sold out.

I guess William Lynch never saw the movie, Moneyball — and if he did, he forgot the basic lesson in it that applies to his situation:

Would you rather get one shot in the head or five in the chest and bleed to death?

Cutting the desktop software out of sync was like putting five in the chest of Nook Media.

It will now bleed to death, having alienated customers and driven away any remaining potential customers. Even worse: They didn’t admit it for weeks, leaving everyone puzzled.

Nook Media just screwed up its chances of winning people back with a “Nook RT.”

But Microsoft still has deep pockets and all those Nook Media contracts would be a turnkey media platform for them, so unless something market-shaking happens, I still expect Microsoft to acquire Nook Media.

However, given the recent mismanagement of the critical desktop software move, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft now has Nook Media get out of all hardware altogether. That means we’ll never see a “Nook RT.” Just “Microsoft Nook” software for Windows 8 and RT. The iOS and Android software will remain … for a while.

Previously here:

Barnes & Noble’s Strange Moves



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5 responses to “The Color Nook Death Sale Has Begun

  1. booger

    If I had know they were going to drop the price to $129, I would have bought the Nook over my 8gb Nexus 7 at $150. I am happy with my Nexus 7, but all I do is read and check email.

    • mikecane

      If that’s all you do on a tablet, why any interest in Chinese iPad Mini clones? Seems like a lot of effort to do so little.

      • booger

        4:3 aspect ratio is better for reading, particularly web pages, which I include as a “reading activity”, although I mostly read web content using an RSS reader app.

      • mikecane

        The practically risk-free purchase then would be the Acer Iconia A1-810. For reading, its power should suffice. My interest is in being able to read massive Google Books PDFs, but that doesn’t mean I’ll wind up buying a Chinese iPad Mini clone after all my research.

  2. booger

    I think I will always have a large 9.7 or greater tablet as well primarily for PDF reading, although not necessarily for those scanned image files of Google that you are referring to. My HP Touchpad serves that purpose, although its DPI is like 125, so it is getting long in the tooth.

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