Breaking The iPad Mini Clone Mold

Google English: Friends broke the news to sell millet tablet priced 999 yuan is scheduled for August 16 release

The article makes little sense but the picture says a lot:



I complained about the lack of imagination of Chinese iPad Mini clone makers: The Design Bankruptcy Of iPad Mini Clones

That new design from China looks like one I proposed:


The report I link to is the only one in China right now. I expect other sites to pick it up in the days ahead.

Same-day update: Xiaomi also planning to launch $160 Xiaoami Pad Android Tablet?

According to GizChina, it’s Xiaomi’s tablet. Which means you can forget all about getting it. Xiaomi is one of the hottest brands in China. They produce a limited run of devices that sell out fast, adding to their cachet. GizChina says this is a seven-inch tablet, but that render is clearly for a 7.85-8-inch tablet. I’m sure more hype will leak out before launch day. With everyone else copying Apple, will someone in China copy Xiaomi?

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