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Finally! Chuwi V88 Gets Android 4.2.2


With little fanfare — or perhaps the fanfare has yet to ramp up — Chuwi has released a firmware upgrade for its various models of the Chuwi V88.

The firmware download page is here [Google English].

Note that there is more than one model of the Chuwi V88. Be sure to download the correct firmware for that model. If the model you have lacks Bluetooth, don’t download the firmware for Bluetooth or you could brick your tablet.

I don’t know if this will also be an Over The Air update, but that would make sense, so check Notifications for the update.

This firmware update will bring to the Chuwi V88 the same 4.2.2 features the Onda V818 has had for the past few weeks. One notable improvement should be to WiFi connectivity.

Don’t expect any Chuwi V88 you order now to include 4.2.2. Vendor inventories likely have Android 4.1.



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Ramos X10 Pro Still Coming

It hasn’t been heard of since April 18th, which is a long time in the tech world.

But today brings a report [Google English] that Ramos will indeed produce an X10 Pro iPad Mini clone tablet, using the MediaTek 8389 quad-core CPU (the report typos it as the 8398).


Although the CPU change will bring Bluetooth, GPS, and more to the X10 Pro, what will really matter is the amount of RAM. There are no specs yet at the Ramos site.

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Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #4


Post of the Vido Mini One disassembled with several of its chips specced out [Google English]. There’s another astroturfing post [Google English] with plenty of outside pictures.

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