Finally! Chuwi V88 Gets Android 4.2.2


With little fanfare — or perhaps the fanfare has yet to ramp up — Chuwi has released a firmware upgrade for its various models of the Chuwi V88.

The firmware download page is here [Google English].

Note that there is more than one model of the Chuwi V88. Be sure to download the correct firmware for that model. If the model you have lacks Bluetooth, don’t download the firmware for Bluetooth or you could brick your tablet.

I don’t know if this will also be an Over The Air update, but that would make sense, so check Notifications for the update.

This firmware update will bring to the Chuwi V88 the same 4.2.2 features the Onda V818 has had for the past few weeks. One notable improvement should be to WiFi connectivity.

Don’t expect any Chuwi V88 you order now to include 4.2.2. Vendor inventories likely have Android 4.1.


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5 responses to “Finally! Chuwi V88 Gets Android 4.2.2

  1. Nice FW update. I installed mine a few days ago and it is MUCH better than stock. Make sure you get the latest version which matches the tablet. The 2 versions use a different WiFi chipset as the Bluetooth V88 has a combined BT+WiFi Broadcom chip, but the non-BT unit uses a different part.

    The Antutu score drops to the high 16K mark, but as I have said in the past, this means nothing in the real world. Mine performs much snappier, and the WiFi is rock solid so far. Battery life also seems improved – especially while sleeping. The stock FW is NOT rooted, but can be easily rooted with TSparky tools in the same way 4.1 could.

  2. aian

    I was really skeptical as to how this tablet performs but when my cousin got this Chuwi Pad Mini V88 from a store (I think it’s [redacted]), I was amazed by this tablet’s performance for such a cheap price.

    • mikecane

      I’ve deleted the seller name because this Comment is clearly astroturfing. There’s another one just like it. If this seller tries this bullshit again, it will be banned from this blog forever.

  3. ali

    can ı have 4.3 on my chuwi.
    this is possible.
    like nexus 7 4.3 rom on chuwi.
    can ı make this.
    please help me and give a feedback.

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