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Apple’s Awful Non-Apple TV Ads Were Awful

Eleven months ago — in Apple’s Awful Non-Apple TV Ads — I wrote:

And seriously, Martin Scorsese? How many people would recognize him? I bet most young people looking at that ad wondered why Apple was showing some grandfather using his iPhone.

And now this vindication:

Apple started to run ads that showed Zooey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich, and Martin Scorsese demonstrating Siri. These ads have featured celebrities who have no profound connection with the teenage market because they did not demonstrate any of the ways that teenagers actually use their phones.

More significantly, teenagers did not connect with these celebrities, who seem to reach an older and perhaps less technologically sophisticated audience. None of my friends connected with the characters in the ads.

From: Why this 14-year-old Apple fanboy switched to Android [Update: Link fixed.]

And no, Apple fanboiz, you don’t get to say he was “brainwashed” by Samsung. That’s the same charge leveled against all of you.



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