Acer Iconia A1-810 Versus iPad Mini

With many people interested in iPad Mini clones, the video after the break should be of interest, even though it’s not in English.

Some screensnaps first.

Iconia on the left, Mini on the right:


Mini on the left, Iconia on the right:


Portrait side bezel comparison, with Mini on the left:


Thickness comparison:


Iconia on the left, Mini on the right:


Note that the Iconia seems to show less of a web page vertically — but that’s due to the Android navigation bar at bottom taking up space.

And the story of the screens, with the Iconia on the left:


Iconia again on the left:


Despite being an IPS screen, it’s not as bright as the iPad Mini. But then it also costs considerably less too.

Camera test with Iconia on the left:


The photos they took:


Zoomed comparison of the sample photos, with Iconia in back:


The Iconia camera is one of those Better Than Nothing deals. Go fullscreen with the video and the graininess of the Iconia’s camera can be seen in the zoomed-in photo.

The video:

Bonus! A sample of video from the Iconia’s back camera:

Given that Chinese iPad Mini clones won’t make it to American shores in any large number — due to “trade dress” issues — Acer has the field to itself. I’m a bit surprised that no other company has leaked an upcoming 7.85-7.9-inch 4:3 screened Android tablet to pre-empt Acer purchases. Is Acer the only one with this kind of tablet?

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One response to “Acer Iconia A1-810 Versus iPad Mini

  1. austin

    Ipad mini has dual core acer iconia has quad core -.-

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