Cube Announces Second iPad Mini Clone

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Like the U35GT, this is a Rockchip 3188-based tablet.

Its distinguishing characteristic over the U35GT is the addition of a 5MP back camera. Which, really, drives me a bit insane because the original specs for the U35GT had a back camera but when it was released, it didn’t have one.

And to make matters truly insane, this tablet doesn’t have a number like the U35GT. It’s called the Cactus 2! WTF! Yes, really, click the top image to see the damn cactus cartoon in the name.


For more details, there’s an advertorial post [Google English]. And to see close-up shots, see the astroturfing post of the U35GT [Google English].

You won’t get any info out of Cube. They point to a pimp post in their forum that highlights a promotion for the U35GT [Google English]. But there’s also an annoying pop-up in the lower corner announcing that Android 4.2.2 is in the works for their clones. Be warned that Cube’s site is slow.


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