Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #5

ICOO has gone mad. Not only do they invite an Apple lawsuit (outside of China) on the “trade dress” issue, but they’re also inviting a lawsuit over Look & Feel (if not strictly Copyright) from Microsoft!

They’re offering a rip-off of the Windows 8 Metro/Modern UI on the ICOO Fatty 2:




Google Translate makes it unclear if this will be standard on the Fatty 2, an option, or if ICOO is just messing with everybody’s heads. As for me, it’s the worst idea in the world for a manufacturer to do this — leave it up to devs in the Google Play Store to offer it. More images [Google English], with nothing on ICOO’s own site.

It’s not just ICOO doing that. Pipo does too, with its new Ultra-U8:


The Ultra-U8 also has a launcher for kids built-in too:


And despite being pimped all over Chinese tech sites, Pipo neglects to list the Ultra-U8 on their own site.

I understand Pipo wanting to distinguish its clone from others, but this makes me advise people to avoid the Ultra-U8, unless that molestation of Android is your kind of thing. Keep in mind that what Pipo has done is exactly what Barnes & Noble did with its Nook tablets. One more thing: Pipo claims the Ultra-U8 supports the new 802.11ac, on the 5GHz band, which is apparently being marketed as “WiFi 5G” [Google English].

The Onda V818mini is getting another update, this time to 3.2. More details [Google English]. That’s a side-effect of AllWinner releasing an updated SDK. SDKs are apparently different in China than here (where a Software Development Kit is what a dev uses to create software). They seem to be offered by chip makers to tweak performance and are a prelude to updating Android itself.

The Rockchip 3188 platform is also getting an updated SDK, which is in beta [Google English]. It mainly addresses performance of tablets with Retina-class screens, but might filter down to iPad Mini clones too. Perhaps the Chuwi V88 and other RK3188-based clones will be getting another Android update in the weeks ahead.

In a pimping advertorial post [Google English], Vido in cahoots with online seller Lynx brags that sales of the Vido Mini One set some sort of sales record by selling one thousand in a single day.

In a post [Google English] that smells like a pickup of an astroturfing forum post, it’s claimed that the ICOO Fatty 2 lasted ten hours playing video. Note that at the end it also talks about some instability of the Fatty 2, something which seems to be the case with other Rockchip 3188-based tablets, such as the Chuwi V88. Maybe the SDK 2.0 mentioned earlier will fix that.

Here’s another reason to be cautious about buying a tablet direct from China: Buttons that break! See this post [Google English], which likely originated from a forum post. One illustration that should give you pause:


I’ve had buttons break on Japanese-brand digital cameras. If it can happen with a world-class brand, how much worse can it be with a lower-tier Chinese tablet brand?

HKC has announced a new tablet in its Quest series, the Q79A [Google English]:


This is still an ATM7029-based tablet that looks like an iPad Mini clone, except it’s now in black.

In a move that should finally bring some sanity to the variety of benchmarks being used, Futuremark has announced it will be bringing its PC Mark benchmarking tool to Windows RT, iOS, and Android. That’s probably going to upset a lot of tablet makers who have been trying to bamboozle people with inflated (read: fraudulent) AnTuTu scores.

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