Stupid Suicidal Stores

You can start playing Taps for a major NYC electronics retailer.

I’ve been frustrated for months now by this store.

I’ve been waiting for them to get in the Archos 80 Titanium. They claimed they had a few for a short time. But since then, it’s been Out of Stock, without absolutely no sign of it returning or them even indicating whether or not they even want to stock it again.

OK, you say, what can I expect? After all, it’s Archos, for crying out loud. They’re probably on their last legs too.

But wait.

Today, I finally saw them list the Acer A1-810. But the listing said it was for online and phone orders only.


So I asked them on Twitter if that meant they wouldn’t be carrying it in store. Because, you know, in store would mean I could actually touch it, try it, and if it’s good, buy it.

I got a reply via DM — and I think it was a deliberate DM because the reply was so damn embarrassing — that, yes, it would not be in their store.

I’ve bought from this store over the years, spending several thousand dollars. I go to them to check out new electronics and prices. And when I buy, I buy from them — not Amazon or online.

Retailers cry all the time about how they’re being used as “showrooms.”

Even Scott McKain has written a post and a book about it: Losing customers to online retailers?

So what’s their new strategy to prevent “showrooming”? Is it to not carry stuff in the store so people can’t try it?

If that’s the case, why the hell shouldn’t I just buy online — from Amazon?

Amazon has treated me like a frikkin King — despite the fact I’ve spent zero dollars with them and gotten several thousand (that is not a typo) free Kindle books from them.

I know that if I were to buy the Acer A1-810 from Amazon and I had a problem, I’d again be treated like a King when it came to returning it.

But I don’t want to buy any electronics blind. I need to see them and touch them and try them in person. Because when I buy, it’s like getting married — you’d better be damn sure you want to get hitched.

So this major electronics retailer, a fixture in NYC for decades, what amounts to an anchor store in the large mall that is Manhattan, you’ve just forced me to Best Buy or another store.

I didn’t leave you as a customer.

You abandoned me as a store.


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5 responses to “Stupid Suicidal Stores

  1. Adam

    sad story

  2. Ric Day

    This seems to occur more and more often these days, not only with electronics but with many consumer goods. and, increasingly, I find that I am buying mostly from Amazon. Their delivery is fast and reliable, their prices almost impossible to beat, and you know there won’t be a hassle if you change your mind and decide to return something.

    Almost the only exception is Apple. Their staff usually know what they’re talking about (many at Best Buy don’t), and they’re happy to let me test things.

    It is simple. Have the product I’m interested in, or be willing to get one reasonably quickly. If it feels as good as the ads suggest, I may buy it from you. I have done my research before I come to your store; now I want a hands-on test. If I can’t do that because you won’t let me, you have lost a customer and (usually) Amazon wins.

    A LOT of retailers are going to learn this the hard way.

  3. Keishon

    They can’t keep every item you can ever want in their inventory. No one can but online stores and sometimes not even they can have it for you. I’ve wanted to purchase items on Amazon that had a six week waiting period.

    As they say in my world, that’s the cost of doing business. You’re not their customer for items that are rare, heard about it on the Internet or don’t move at all. Office Depot needs to go out of business. Their customer service is just-. Often I go in there and they have no one at the register. Their employees are outside smoking. And all of their tablets were unplugged. I left.

    • mikecane

      Acer is a brand way above Archos, however, and they stock other Archos tablets. They also stock a lot of LOSER tablets, from Coby and other bottom-feeder brands that are just total crap. So to not carry Acer, a global brand, is suicidal and stupid.

  4. I feel this way about book stores. It’s very limited how many books there actually are in Danish book stores and it’s always only the biggest bestsellers and books similar to them.
    It’s been a long time since I bought a book in a book store, simply because they don’t really stock a big variety of books.

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