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Update: That Eight-Inch Surface

An Eight-Inch Surface RT Tablet In June?

DigiTimes was correct about an eight-inch Windows 8 tablet appearing in June. It just wasn’t a Surface from Microsoft. It was a Miix from Lenovo, shown at Computex:


It’s difficult to understand how an order from Lenovo could be confused with one from Microsoft. Unless the leak came from an assembly line worker who didn’t know what brand he was building.


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iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Second Review

There’s a lot of interest in the ICOO Fatty 2 as an alternative to the Chuwi V88. Ordinarily, I’d just plop this into another Chinese iPad Mini Clones Notes post. But this review points out so many problems that it requires the prominence of a blog post here.

Google English: Ai Kou true fat fat Ding two new full experience

That’s at IMP3Net, which I’ve already caught being corrupt.

What surprises me this time is that they didn’t pull the review, kept in everything that’s bad about the ICOO Fatty 2, and attempted lame damage control with an update at the beginning of the review.

I guess ICOO has a smaller bribery budget than Chuwi and could not grease the palms of IMP3Net with enough dough to spike the review.

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Graft-Seeking NY Times Blogger

New York Times Blogger Demanded Travel and Expenses from Companies

A blogger for The New York Times has been requesting thousands of dollars in “expenses” and travel airfare from a public relations firm trying to get its clients covered in the Times, according to emails obtained by Gawker.

He claims he was seeking big bucks for his consulting gig and that it’s all a mistake.

Why the hell is the New York Time even employing someone with a sideline?

He should be dropped as soon as possible. Period.

And to remind everyone: FTC Disclosure

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