iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Second Review

There’s a lot of interest in the ICOO Fatty 2 as an alternative to the Chuwi V88. Ordinarily, I’d just plop this into another Chinese iPad Mini Clones Notes post. But this review points out so many problems that it requires the prominence of a blog post here.

Google English: Ai Kou true fat fat Ding two new full experience

That’s at IMP3Net, which I’ve already caught being corrupt.

What surprises me this time is that they didn’t pull the review, kept in everything that’s bad about the ICOO Fatty 2, and attempted lame damage control with an update at the beginning of the review.

I guess ICOO has a smaller bribery budget than Chuwi and could not grease the palms of IMP3Net with enough dough to spike the review.

Basically, ICOO’s quality control utterly failed in their review unit. An edge was warped, the screen presented blue tinges, the buttons were hinky, the back mold had too much clearance around the buttons, the front panel is a color mismatch to the side plastic, the touch panel had dead spots, and plugging in an HDMI cable is problematic due to a design flaw involving plug clearance and depth.

Below, color mismatch of front panel, gap between front and side panel, and the “r” in Screen Recorder is clipped:

Click = big

Below, poor design, engineering, and QC of back panel and buttons:

Click = big

And if I’m reading the miserable Chinese-to-English correctly, the back panel is such that it can put pressure on the battery which then puts pressure on the screen, causing discoloration — shades of Archos!

The reviewer was very frustrated with his unit.

A credible AnTuTu score, this being a Rockchip 3188-based tablet:

Click = big

This review has to be seen to be believed. The reviewer went nuts and did infrared imaging of the Fatty 2 after disassembling it! He also hooked it up to a voltmeter to derive battery run times under various conditions.

In the end, he damned it with faint praise, telling people who want a powerful gaming machine to avoid it.

This review points out why reading Chinese tech blogs is so insanity-making. There’s nothing like the list of these problems in the first review of the ICOO Fatty 2!

I wonder if this review will make people flock to the other Rockchip 3188-based tablet, the Vido Mini One?

Previously here:

iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed


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9 responses to “iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Second Review

  1. A Reader

    Found this via one of your posts linked via The Digital Reader. You did a great job of making more sense out of the Chinese translation than most people could. “True fat fat Ding two” helps me understand why I’ve had so much trouble trying to understand what our Chinese speaking friend attempts to tell us in English. I know that there is no way my brain would ever learn and process Mandarin!! Your post is a wonderful window into the interplay between the Chinese tech building and marketing megalith and us on the other side of the world trying to find a good product to purchase. Thanks!

  2. I had this tablet on order and thankfully the seller screwed up the delivery and didn’t send it on time so I got to cancel it. Now I’m on the lookout for another 8inch tablet. Any suggestions?

  3. kyriakos

    What about cube u35gt2?

  4. mid

    I finally got my fatty2 so I’ll just put a few notes here and I’ll do a complete review later:
    – Screen is nice, without bleed.
    – Wifi works fine, doesn’t drop (for now), haven’t checked or range yet.
    – Got ~18000 Antutu, and it’s really fast.
    – It’s really small, thin & light, so it’s easy to hold for extended periods of time.
    – It came with an AC adapter (5V 2A).
    – Battery really seems to last forever.
    – Putting pressure from the back doesn’t cause discoloration.
    – I’ve only tested cameras (front and back) inside and the shoots were not so good.
    The plastic around the lcd is TERRIBLE. I don’t know if it’s not glued properly or just a bad design choice but it ‘breathes’ all around the LCD and makes the squeaky noise.
    – I was having issues connecting micro USB cable because of the plastic gap clearance (similar to HDMI issue). It worked fine once I plugged in cable with a longer connector.

    I have yet to download and test the latest firmware. I’ll also try to open it and fix the squeaky noise issue.

    If there’s anything specific you all want me to test please do tell :)

  5. Jean-François

    My icoo Fatty II (icoo fatty 2) stop working after 1 week. Im sad because this tablet could be a verry good one. Screen quality is awesome, speed is good, wifi is good, battery life is good too and antutu gave it a score of 19000 (and a little more). But like I said the tablet wont boot anymore. It is completely dead juste one week after it got home.

    I have contacted Pandawill customer service but they are not answering.

    Here is a video of my problem.

  6. Caparata

    I receive my icoo fatty II bad, the screen don’t respond to the fingers.
    I opend it and review all the conector and found one that was desconected.
    Conect it and the tablet is now working very well about 8 month later.

    Opening it is easy, you can do it with a credit card or simmilar device and check if something is not well conecter, or if finally you don’t found a fault intend to connect the two wires of the power conector to see if it is the problem.

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