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Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #6

The new trend in Chinese iPad Mini clones is to add 3G. I don’t know how much that will help sales with the average Chinese buyer already complaining that 899 yuan for a non-3G clone is too much to begin with. Anyway, joining the HKC Quest Q79A [Google English] in the 3G arena is the abysmally-named TALK79 tablet from Cube [Google English]. Cellphone frequency compatibility drives me up the wall, so I will not be including these in the updated Guide to Chinese Mini clones (when that’s finally done… someday).

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TV: Top Of The Lake


This popped up on the Net a few months ago but I had to skip it for a variety of reasons.

This weekend, Sundance Channel ran it as a marathon and I saw all of it.

So should you.

As a crime drama, this is something new. It’s not Forbrydelsen or noir. It’s a not a procedural or hard-boiled. It’s as if a crime story was done as a literary novel. Don’t try to anticipate the story or you’ll go mad while you watch. Just take the ride. It’s worth it.

Elisabeth Moss is the lead. I’d seen so few episodes of Mad Men that I couldn’t place her. I hope Mad Men fans can get past “That’s Peggy!” when watching it.


Top of the Lake at Sundance Channel site

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And I’m Back

A personal matter and extreme heat in NYC (thermometer outside in direct sun registered over 120F yesterday even though the “official” temperature hit just 95F) interrupted things. Not that there was anything to blog, but still.

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