Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #6

The new trend in Chinese iPad Mini clones is to add 3G. I don’t know how much that will help sales with the average Chinese buyer already complaining that 899 yuan for a non-3G clone is too much to begin with. Anyway, joining the HKC Quest Q79A [Google English] in the 3G arena is the abysmally-named TALK79 tablet from Cube [Google English]. Cellphone frequency compatibility drives me up the wall, so I will not be including these in the updated Guide to Chinese Mini clones (when that’s finally done… someday).

Many Chinese iPad Mini clones are temporarily(?) on sale in China at the reduced price of 699 yuan, down from 899. But don’t expect any discount in price when ordering outside of China.

In a pathetic advertorial post [Google English] Chuwi compares its original V88 to the new V88s. Note that the V88s has just 1GB of RAM and a lower-resolution back camera (2MP vs 5MP).

And the Chuwi V88s gets an unboxing post [Google English] and then, just two days later, a brief review post [Google English] that points out 1GB of RAM is just not enough. Note that Chuwi has changed the charger to 5V-2.5A — and it’s still not packed in the box.

The V88s AnTuTu score:

Click = big

V88s 2MP miserable back camera sample photo:

Click = big

Note that IMP3Net once pulled and revised a review of the Chuwi V88, so take this review with a large dose of graft in mind.

In another advertorial post [Google English], Chuwi boasts about how users love the V88s. Take that post too with a large dose of graft in mind.

The Pipo Ultra-U8 — which features a custom skin over Android — has been reviewed [Google English]. This is another Rockchip 3188-based tablet that could compete with the Chuwi V88 — it has 2GBs of RAM and a 4,750mAh battery.


The Ultra-U8 has a speaker on the front (bottom, when in portrait orientation), a 5MP back camera with illumination, ports at the top (when portrait), a microSD slot that fully contains the card, and, hurrah!, the customized skin is actually an optional launcher that can be turned off. Android 4.2.2 is installed — but apparently still requires some optimization.

The optional launcher:


While I think the launcher is fugly, it does have some interesting points in the way it can organize things better than just the Android default launcher screen full of icons. See the review itself for additional launcher screens. Also included is an optional launcher for children. A lot of extra apps are included, but if the translation of the review is correct, they can be deleted.

A company I’ve never heard of has announced a new iPad Mini clone with the weird name of Cimi X8 [Google English].


And confounding the prior CPU troika of Actions, AllWinner, and Rockchip, it will use a MediaTek 6589 CPU. It will also have an eight-megapixel back camera with illumination. And even though 3G is touted, reading the text makes it clear that can happen only with a 3G dongle via USB OTG.

Teclast has gone a bit mad with its site about the P88s mini:

Click = big

Um, Penthouse? Is this the clone to get if you’re into pr0n?

After a long wait, the Colorfly U781 has been released [Google English]. But it’s an A31s-based tablet, so does anyone care?

The Freelander PD300 is a dual-core A20-based clone [Google English] looking to spread misery.


Look, the Archos 80 Titanium has a dual-core CPU with an AnTuTu score rivaling the quad-core AllWinner S31s. So a dual-core AllWinner A20 must really be an exceedingly miserable user experience.

And here’s the proof you need, the AnTuTu score for the HKC Quest Q79 (allegedly a 3G-capable edition), which is using a 1.2GHz dual-core MediaTek MT6575 CPU:

Click = big

That’s from a review of the HKC Quest Q79 [Google English], which also points out a rotten NenaMark2 score of just 29.9fps.

Avoid all dual-core clones.

Finally, the European Wind Fine8 Style is not an iPad Mini clone. It looks like a clone of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (without a stylus).


There’s a cheesy advertorial post touting its video playing capability [Google English].

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3 responses to “Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #6

  1. hubu79

    Which one are on sale for 699¥ ?

    • mikecane

      ALL of them. But it might not show up outside of local Chinese brick & mortar stores. So if you’re not living in China, forget any discount.

      • hubu79

        My friend is in China for 6 weeks maybe she will get one Pipo U8 for me :-)
        My Playbook needs replacement ;-)

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