Rumored Xiaomi iPad Mini Clone

Xiaomi is a company that’s cool in China. They’ve previously done smartphones and now it seems a tablet — rumored to be called the MiPad — is on the way. Here’s a blurrycam leaked photo:


Although that’s supposed to be an iPad Mini on the right, it lacks the Apple logo. Anyway, I’ve confirmed that the Xiaomi MiPad is the same size as the tablet on the right. That makes it a 7.85-7.8-inch size screen, not the 7-inch screen other reports have stated.

Specs are still unsettled, with one report claiming a dual-core and another report a quad-core CPU. All reports point to a MediaTek CPU.

Since Xiaomi’s products have limited production runs and sell out quickly in China, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to get a MiPad internationally. Still, this is an interesting product that I look forward to seeing released and reviewed. It might raise the bar on iPad Mini clones.


Is this the first real picture of the Xiaomi tablet?
Xiaomi Tablet to use quad-core MT8125 processor
Leaked Photos Supposedly Show Xiaomi Mi3 and iPad Mini-Sized Xiaomi Tablet



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7 responses to “Rumored Xiaomi iPad Mini Clone

  1. Xiaomi is an awesome company! I have their latest flagship, the M2s and it’s the best. Can’t wait for this!

  2. RicDay

    Comment is not so much about this specific tablet, although Xiaomi does seem better than most of the other clone makers. But what I see right now as the bigger issue is Android in China.

    The news that the NSA team is also the primary Android “security” team is a huge topic in China. I can’t help but think that the Chinese government will want to sponsor a fork of Android, ripping out the current security code and analyzing all the rest for any backdoors or E.T. Call Home “features” buried in it.

    Chinese hackers certainly have the coding chops to fork Android, and if they did then one assumes all the Chinese device makers would be required to use the Chinese version for anything to be sold in China, creating a walled garden like the one Amazon has built. And that would make the scarcity of these devices in North America change to non-existence, as one could expect the NSA to tell the FCC to not approve them.

    Paranoid times, these.

    • mikecane

      >>>The news that the NSA team is also the primary Android “security” team

      Whoa! I hadn’t heard that.

      >>>for anything to be sold in China, creating a walled garden like the one Amazon has

      Yes, that’s plausible. After the stink raised here about Huawei, now karma has come back to bite *all* U.S. tech companies in the ass over their cooperation with the NSA and other agencies. And that discussion is not just in China, but in every nation American tech companies trade in. It’s a worldwide disaster.

      Just as State and Church should be separated, so should State Espionage and Free Enterprise.

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