Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #7

We begin with two astroturfing posts about the ICOO Fatty 2. What makes both of these significant is that they’re in English. But they’re still astroturf, as the photos in the posts reveal. Take the posts with a big dose of graft:

My favorite Chinese tablet so far – ICOO ICOU Fatty2 Unboxing Review
An Incredible Fatty – the ICOO ICOU Fatty2 Hands-on Review

Remember that there are two versions of the ICOO Fatty 2, one with just 1GB of RAM and one with 2GB.

Two sharp partial close-up photos of the leaked Xiaomi tablet have appeared [Google English]:


The photo on the left looks as if there’s some sort of flash underneath the image sensor. That’s not usually included in a budget tablet. Xiaomi might push all others to improve.

The controversy over fraudulent AnTuTu scores continues. At their Google Play listing, the AnTuTu people open up with this:

NOTE: Ainol & Ramos are a liar, the real score only 6000, but they modify the score to 10000, and thus lead to each new version crashes

I should also drop in a screensnap of that in case it disappears:

Click = big

I don’t know what devices that refers to but if AnTuTu says they’re liars, it’s probably best to avoid their products (Ramos has the iPad Mini clones the X10 and upcoming X10 Pro).

AnTuTu also debunks a score for the Xiaomi M3 phone: Xiaomi M3 Benchmarking Over 80,000 has been Confirmed as PS Modified. Keep that in mind when the Xiaomi iPad Mini clone is released.

A post has appeared [Google English] allegedly comparing the Rockchip 3188 to the MediaTek 6589 CPU. The Rockchip comes out on top. Take that post with a dose of graft until it’s been confirmed by non-astroturfing users.

The Vido Mini One and Mini S have gotten a combo firmware upgrade of the SDK 2.0 plus Android 4.2.2 [Google English].


And here’s an advertorial post [Google English] that touts the new WiFi Display capability the firmware update adds. And here’s a post [Google English] about SDK 2.0 being used with a Retina-class display, which includes video (none of which I have watched). And another post [Google English] about how the combination improves battery life.

The elusive and much-delayed Colorfly U781 Q1 — an AllWinner A31s-based tablet with Android 4.2.2 — gets a shallow review [Google English] that doesn’t include AnTuTu and NenaMark2 scores.

Colorfly left Android unmolested but couldn’t resist mucking about with the icons:

Click = big

According to the sample photos in the post, Colorfly has the best camera of all of the iPad Mini clones so far:

Click = big

For those who might have an interest in the Cube TALK79 tablet, here’s an advertorial post [Google English].

Just when I thought all the iPad Mini clones had been announced, along comes an advertorial post [Google English] pimping something called the M Brand A868. The post is mostly a waste as there are no specs cited for the tablet, so I guess the point seems to be to pimp the ridiculous launcher UI:

Click = big

And here’s an even less informative yet more confusing advertorial post about that [Google English].

Here’s another tablet out of nowhere, called the Iaiwai H677 [Google English]:

Click = big

It’s an Actions ATM7029-based tablet with pretty metallic back shells:

Click = big

It’s described as having an eight-inch screen (still 1024 x 768), which makes me wonder if this really qualifies as an iPad Mini clone. However, the side bezels are thinner than the top and bottom ones — unlike other eight-inch 4:3 screen tablets — so I’m sneaking it in here.

It has a customized home screen, alas:

Click = big

And that’s the screen that annoyingly pops up when Home is invoked. The standard apps view is available, however, so Android hasn’t been completely killed and buried under wasteful customizations. More information is at the Iaiwai website.

As noted earlier, the H677 has an ATM7029 CPU. This makes it the lowest-powered of the iPad Mini clones. While I cover these as a matter of completeness, I can’t recommend anyone buy an Actions-based clone, no matter how pretty it might be.

Out of Italy is a post [Google English] about a dual-core clone under the Yashi brand. There are no details about it at the Yashi website.

Here’s a post in English about two unknown iPad Mini clones that also have the front home button, just like the real iPad Mini.

Lastly, Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) is rumored to be released along with the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet on October 5th (that seems rather late to me) [Google English]. I think Google has already publicly proclaimed that 5.0 will require just 512MB of RAM. But I wonder if what we’ll see is a tiering of Android as we have with iOS — that is, older (or underpowered) models wind up with basic but not advanced features. It will be interesting to see how 5.0 affects the iPad Mini clones that have been bought earlier this year — as well as how long it takes the clone manufacturers to offer an upgrade to 5.0.

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