Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android Is Stunning And Better Than Samsung’s


After the break, I have three Youku videos from China that fully demonstrate the upcoming multiwindowing capability that Rockchip is adding to Android.

My jaw dropped looking at these. I think yours will too.

It works with the Gallery:

And look, it seems to work with any app:

And this one is less impressive due to the user’s hesitation but shows that the floating Tile/Overlap button can be moved:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that makes me drop the Archos 80 Titanium and Acer A1-810 as possible purchases. That Rockchip multiwindowing of Android is what I’ve wanted for a long time — and now Rockchip-based iPad Mini clones are back on my radar.

Previously here:

Rockchip Bringing Windowing To Android



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3 responses to “Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android Is Stunning And Better Than Samsung’s

  1. booger

    So they are doing custom modificiations of Android that will only be available on tablets with a certain cpu?

    • mikecane

      We’ll see what happens when official Android 5.0 comes out. A firmware update might overwrite all of that.

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