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More About MultiWindow Android


As expected, Chuwi is aggressively pimping the hell out of MultWindow Android, with an identical advertorial post appearing at two sites today [Google English for one].

This only makes sense. Chuwi was the first with a Rockchip 3188-based iPad Mini clone and now wants to protect its ground against ICOO, Vido, and others. What better way than to proclaim you’ll have MultiWindow Android before everyone else?

It’s certainly gotten me interested in Chuwi again, despite the protruding microSD card and sketchy WiFi strength.

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ICOO Fatty 2: 2GB Version Exists

There’s been some confusion among readers in regard to the ICOO Fatty 2.

There are two versions of this tablet. One with 1GB of RAM and one with 2GBs of RAM.

That sellers are not listing the 2GB version has to be either an error on their part or a reflection of them not having it in stock.

After the break, proof of 2GBs of RAM.

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Ramos X10Pro Gets Reviewed


This is the 3G version of the Ramos X10, which swaps out its original Actions CPU for a MediaTek 8389 that has 3G capabilities.

The review is here [Google English].

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