ICOO Fatty 2: 2GB Version Exists

There’s been some confusion among readers in regard to the ICOO Fatty 2.

There are two versions of this tablet. One with 1GB of RAM and one with 2GBs of RAM.

That sellers are not listing the 2GB version has to be either an error on their part or a reflection of them not having it in stock.

After the break, proof of 2GBs of RAM.

First, ICOO’s website is no help with this. Go there for yourself and be driven mad as I nearly was.

Second, here are two screensnaps clearly showing the ICOO Fatty 2 in the video below has 2GBs of RAM.

Total space = 1.97GB

Click = big

1.8GB free:

Click = big

I think that should settle the matter. As to its actual availability, you’ll have to take that up with sellers.

Now the video:

As to whether or not you should buy the ICOO Fatty 2, the thing for me is that only Chuwi has so far announced it will have MultiWindow Android.

This could be because Chuwi, as the first RK3188 clone maker, is a Favored Partner of Rockchip and will get it first. Or it could just be that Chuwi is the first to have it in enough shape to tease it to its current and potential customers. If MultiWindow Android is important to you, this is something to keep in mind. Otherwise, just see the two reviews I’ve previously linked to:

iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed
iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Second Review


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7 responses to “ICOO Fatty 2: 2GB Version Exists

  1. mid

    My ICOO is on the way. I bought it via agent, which in the end actually cost me more that ordering from resellers like Pandawill. There’s one important difference, agent first checked the item for defects and sent me pictures. After reading all the horror stories about the ICOO quality control I really had no other choice.

  2. Miguelito

    Hello mikecane,

    you seem to be a little confused about the whole memory question. Since you sure write a lot about tablets I would assume tha you know the difference between RAM, ROM, Memory, SDcard, etc.

    Those pictures in your post do not say anything about the RAM-size of the tablet! They merely show that the inbuild memory (16GB) is partitioned into ~2GB for the System (ROM) and ~13GB for storage (NAND Flash / SDCard). There is no information whatsoever on the RAM this tablet is equipped with.

    If you were talking about the system partition (ROM) the whole time, then I can tell you that every Icou Fatty 2 can be flashed to provide these 2GB for the system. Mine shipped with a 1GB System partition, but I changed it to 2GB.

    As for the RAM (Random Access Memory), there seems to be no Fatty 2 with 2GB. There is one seller out there, who claims his Fatty 2 has 2GB of RAM, but it would be a huge suprise to me if that was accurate.

    Maybe I understood you wrong, maybe you need to read up on these technicalities, or maybe you just need to express clearer what you are talking about… thanks for your effort though!


    • mikecane

      My confusion derived from having to interpret screens that were not in English. I do otherwise know the difference between RAM and ROM. Thanks for the clarification, though.

      And there *is* a model of the ICOO Fatty 2 with 2GBs of RAM:


      ICOO has said it themselves.

      As to how available it is at sellers at the moment, I can’t say. I don’t track sellers and their supplies.

      • Miguelito

        Thanks for your reply! The linked post you provided showing an Icoo promotional image touting a striking “2GB” looks promising, but the chinese translates to:

        2GB Large Memory Version
        Officially Released!

        There is no indication at all that this refers to RAM. Since erlier devices shipped with only 1GB of system partition and newer firmwares offer a 2GB system partition I would assume that this is all that they are advertising here.

      • mikecane

        Oddly, ICOO only lists the Fatty 1, but it’s really the Fatty 2 since it has the RK3188. If you can read the Chinese, what does it say under RAM where both 1GB and 2GBs is listed?

        UPDATE: I have emailed ICOO directly to ask. Given the time difference, if they reply at all it shouldn’t be sooner than Thursday, American time.

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