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As expected, Chuwi is aggressively pimping the hell out of MultWindow Android, with an identical advertorial post appearing at two sites today [Google English for one].

This only makes sense. Chuwi was the first with a Rockchip 3188-based iPad Mini clone and now wants to protect its ground against ICOO, Vido, and others. What better way than to proclaim you’ll have MultiWindow Android before everyone else?

It’s certainly gotten me interested in Chuwi again, despite the protruding microSD card and sketchy WiFi strength.

Some new screensnaps, which are from a Chuwi V88 itself:




This excites me because it will return to me some multitasking functionality I had back in the 1990s, via PalmOS and Hacks. I wrote about missing that when I was excited about webOS: The Flow Of webOS. Samsung has tried to add that with proprietary popup “desk accessories” in its TouchWiz UI for Android and then with its MultiView. But MultiWindow Android just goes so far beyond that and even webOS by offering, well, windows. Applications don’t take up the entire screen any longer, allowing me to refer to two things at once — as I used to be able to do with my old Palm III and the PopUp Note hack.

So, yeah, I want this.

And now, two new videos, showing it working on a Chuwi V88:

Previously here:

Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android Is Stunning And Better Than Samsung’s
Rockchip Bringing Windowing To Android

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