Vido Will Offer MultiWindow Android


Vido, whose Vido Mini One iPad Mini clone is based on the Rockchip 3188 CPU, confirmed it will be bringing the MultiWindow Android update to its users [Google English].


This is as I expected although much sooner than I had anticipated.

We now have confirmation that “Android Windows” is from Rockchip. Charbax, He Who Knows All About China, has a post about it: Rockchip launches multi-window Android user interface. This indeed means that other iPad Mini clone makers whose tablets use the Rockchip 3188 CPU can offer this to their users.

If, like me, you had been thinking about getting the Chuwi V88 because of MultiWindow Android, your tablet choices for Rockchip-based clones has just been increased.

As more companies pimp MultiWindow Android, we get more details of how it operates.

Highlighted in red …


… is a customizable Quick Launcher invoked by swiping down from the top middle of the screen. This Quick Launcher is for apps that are frequently used in split-screen mode, as shown here …


.. and I can see that being immediately productive for me, with email in one pane and a web browser in another. I can even envision using two different web browsers at once (I don’t think we could launch two instances of Chrome).

There is no word yet on how many apps can be stuffed in the Quick Launcher.

Highlighted in red …


… is what’s being called the Sorting Button. This toggles the view between tiled apps, like so …


… and overlapping windows, like so …


… and the MultiWindow option can be toggled on and off in Settings …


… meanwhile under Quick Settings there’s an option to control how screensnaps are made:


And as shown in prior videos, dismissing apps is nearly like webOS, swiping them off the screen — although in the case of MultiWindow Android, it’s to the side, not top, of the screen.

The more I see of this, the more excited I become.

I’m glad to see other companies announcing MultiWindow Android. It will be interesting to see if this parity of advanced features will change the balance of sales among Rockchip 3188-based clones. At this blog, the Chuwi V88 still leads in interest, according to search results that lead people here. Non-Rockchip clones have basically fallen out of search terms here. I think people understand that the Rockchip-based clones offer the most CPU power — which is important for handling the multitasking demands of MultiWindow Android.

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