Ramos Teases New Tablet


The rumors are twofold:

First, a new tablet. And judging from the render above, it looks quite slim with a very different design than the Ramos X10 and X10 Pro. It’s also supposed to be a higher-end tablet, trying to get away from the perception of iPad Mini clones as junk. But none that will matter if it doesn’t have a Rockchip 3188 CPU for the best performance. (Also note that it might not be an iPad Mini clone. It looks like it to me.)

Second, in line with the tablet being higher-end, a new warranty policy that’s supposed to set a precedent in China. Ramos wants buyers to have some assurance they won’t get stuck with a turkey and waste their money.

All will be revealed on August 8th in China.

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One response to “Ramos Teases New Tablet

  1. Janno

    I wish it has >= FullHD screen. I’m sick of XGA screens in tablets…

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