Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #8

I’ve got several days of things I’ve collected, so this will be one of the longer Notes posts. And things will tend to be out of date order, so don’t pay attention to datelines when clicking through. I should also add this: Sometimes Google Translate will squawk it can’t connect with a page. Keep trying, it does work.

The much-anticipated Xiaomi tablet likely won’t be an iPad Mini clone after all.


Two posts [Google English and Google English] claim that leaked information points to a conventional 16:9 seven-inch screen with an unremarkable 1280 x 800 resolution. The leaked info also claims it will have a 13MP back camera. The quad-core CPU is rumored to be a Tegra 3 and 3G capability is also claimed. It will likely do well in China but I think most other people are looking forward to buying the new Nexus 7 announced this week. If the above image is true to the actual product, Xiaomi will at least get some points for not introducing just another slab that looks like all the rest.

The Ramos X10 Pro gets two reviews [Google English and Google English]. This is the 3G-enabled version of the X10, using a quad-core MediaTek 8389 CPU. The AnTuTu score:


There’s also a slideshow of the X10 Pro.

The Quest S Q79A gets a review [Google English].


This is a 3G version of the prior model still with an Actions ATM7029 CPU that delivers a low AnTuTu score —

Update/correction: The HKC Quest 79A is an updated version of the original A79. Its thinner, its weight was reduced from 350g to 290g, and the battery capacity was increased from 3,800mAh to 4,000mAh. But it’s still a weak tablet using the Actions ATM7029 CPU and, bizarrely, still has Android 4.1.1! And, weirdly, this version has done away with Bluetooth! Here is its alleged AnTuTu score:


— if that score can even be believed. Actual users have reported they can’t get AnTuTu to run on the ATM7029. The review claims they used an “older version” to get the score.

CUBE, already feeling the heat from the upcoming Ramos introduction, launched a PR offensive. In the first post [Google English], there’s a video of General Manager Wu Mei being interviewed (it’s all Chinese with no English subtitles). Several CUBE tablets are briefly shown, including their 3G-enabled iPad Mini clone, the Talk79. A highlight of the video is their new minimalist eco-friendly packaging. In the video, one of the CUBE people stands on it to illustrate its strength. Here’s a photo of that from an article [Google English] based on that video:


Strength of packaging has sometime been an issue. It’s especially important when tablets are being shipped by sellers internationally.


Here’s the CUBE Talk79 in an unboxing post [Google English].

Teclast has an advertorial benchmarking post [Google English] for its P88s iPad Mini clone, which uses the AllWinner A31s CPU. Here’s all you really need to know — its AnTuTu score:


I really don’t know why anyone would buy an iPad Mini clone with anything other than a Rockchip 3188 CPU. Teclast must wonder that too because it’s been leaked that they’re working on a new tablet with the Tegra 4 CPU [Google English]. It’s not known if that will be an iPad Mini clone.

After favoring Rockchip-based clones, I must bite my tongue over this one, the KNC MD808 [Google English]:


That has a whopping 512MB of RAM and 8GBs of storage. Um, yeah. And what’s up with the weird size of those icons?


iFive teases an iPad Mini clone, called the iFive Mini 3 [Google English and Google English]. Aside from being thinner than the iPad Mini and the usual other specs, nothing is known about its CPU. Which, really, is the whole damn point of choosing an iPad Mini clone.

In the last Notes post, I mentioned M Brand’s A868 clone. Weirdly, it’s now called the A821 in two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English] and is revealed to use a quad-core MediaTek 8389. It has 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and a 2MP front and 5MP back camera. And the weird UI, whose pic I will repeat:


The Colorfly U781’s camera gets some pimping in a post [Google English]. This seems to be the best camera in any iPad Mini clone tablet.


That’s not an iPad Mini. That’s a real iPad Mini clone. It’s the Sago X8 which is written up in a very odd advertorial post [Google English]. It uses a quad-core 1.2Ghz MediaTek 6589 CPU and offers 3G. Apple will sue it out of existence if it ever escapes China’s borders. It’s also detailed in two astroturf posts [Google English and Google English].

Here’s how Chinese astroturfing becomes news. It begins as an astroturf forum post [Google English] …


… and then becomes pseudo-news [Google English]:


It goes from one site’s forum to another site’s news posting. Just like money laundering! Now you see why I sometimes hate reading Chinese tech sites. How many people are even aware of this flim-flam move?

Continuing with astroturf — it seems some companies can’t afford to grease palms for an advertorial post — we have one for the Iawai H677 [Google English]:


This is an iPad Mini clone just barely, with bezels that are a bit thicker than we expect. Its Actions quad-core ATM7029 CPU gives an unimpressive AnTuTu score:


And that’s actually suspiciously high for an Action CPU. But this is to be expected with astroturf.

And there’s a second astroturf post [Google English] which mentions things no real user would:

First, let us look at [Iaiwai] this brand, as the [Iaiwai] Shenzhen Xin Winbond Technology (HK) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of China distributor, has been committed to [Iaiwai] digital product development, sales and service work. After entering 2008, it is focused on projects to promote CMMB broadcasting. After two years of efforts, [Iaiwai] handheld TV has formed a large-scale product line, covering the GPS, MID, PMP, USB DONGLE, and several series of more than a dozen products, including access to the broadcasting CMMB systems, sales channels as well as the majority of users acclaim. We have been “good faith focus, innovation, value creation, social services,” as the company’s operating philosophy; to improve product quality and service as the goal; to explore new life to enjoy and happy experience for the purpose.

How many real users would include a freakin Company Backgrounder in a post? None. I keep emphasizing things like this so people aren’t bamboozled.

And no, twice wasn’t enough …


… they went for a third astroturf post [Google English].

There are still many new astroturf posts in Chinese forums. But who really wants to read another astroturf post about the Chuwi V88 or Vido Mini One? I don’t, so I’m skipping such new posts from now on.

Here’s something that I didn’t notice until I got the end of this post and reviewed everything I’ve seen on Chinese tech sites in the past few weeks. One iPad Mini clone hasn’t been mentioned at all anymore: The Onda V818 Mini! The last mention of it here (and likely anywhere) was June 26th in Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #5, where a new update for it was mentioned. It makes me wonder if Onda has quietly dropped out or is up to something.

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