New “Ice Green” Chuwi V88

In two advertorial posts — revealed only because they use the same images and words, otherwise not disclosed as such — there’s a new model of the Chuwi V88 forthcoming [Google English and Google English].

This one has a slimmer and rounder design and a distinctive titanium back color described as “Ice Green.”



What are the differences between it and the original Chuwi V88?

Here are the specs of the original revised to reflect the new model:

201mm x 136.6mm x 7.2mm 6.9mm, 305g, Rockchip 3188 Cortex A9 quad-core CPU at 1.8GHz, Mali-400MP4 533MHz GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 8/16 GBs storage, WiFi, microUSB 2.0 OnTheGo, microHDMI-out, microSD slot up to 32GB, cameras 2MP front and 5MP back, claims to have Bluetooth.


Weight remains the same as presumably — but not officially — do height and width. Only the depth has changed. The battery remains 5,000mAh. And there will seemingly be just one model, with 16GBs of storage.

What’s significant is the new rounded design, forgoing the sharp edges of the original model:


Also new is the black fascia, where the original was white:


Bit of missed opportunity there. Chuwi didn’t show the initiative to create a front plate with a color to match the ice green of the titanium back. That would have made it stand out more in the market and made it instantly recognizable to others from a distance.

Technically speaking, there’s also been a change in the way the screen and glass are fashioned, but this detail goes beyond the comprehensibility of Google Translate. It’s likely the G+G — glass and glass — process competing tablets have touted.

One thing that creates worry: The back again seems to be solid metal, with no plastic “vent” to assist WiFi/Bluetooth radio reception. Let’s hope Chuwi has found some new way to improve radio functionality.

Oddly, there was no mention of MultiWindow Android — or even Android 4.2.2 — in this tablet. Chuwi needs to coordinate its pimping better.

Anyone who’s been interested in the Chuwi V88 should probably wait for this new model to go on sale before buying. The new design might mean the microSD card will sit flush in its slot! It’s unknown if this will replace the V88 or be a Special Edition of it. Either way, the new color and design makes me want it over the original.

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6 responses to “New “Ice Green” Chuwi V88

  1. Graciela Belle

    It was really hard looking for a reasonable price for this one but I got lucky to have a great deal in [redacted]..Was really eyein for this Chuwi V88 for quiet a long time now and it was really worth the wait! :)

    • mikecane

      I’ve deleted the seller name because this Comment is clearly astroturfing. There’s another one just like it. If this seller tries this bullshit again, it will be banned from this blog forever.

  2. ipad mini with micro sd usb storage ip 57 58 radio fm

    i saw it yesterday ans bought cause color is si biutiful :-) :-). :-). :-) design too i can t wait

  3. Ren

    Firstly, great blog, very informative! I’ve been hoping, same as you, that the Chuwi v88 titanium would solve the SD card issue. Unfortunately, it seems not

    Take a look at the photo’s.

    I’m pretty set on the Vido Mini one or the Pipo U8 now, leaning towards the Vido any words of caution with that?

    • mikecane

      Between the Vido and Pipo, I’d have to say Vido, for these reasons:

      1) OMA has made ROMs in the past that will run on Vido, so at least you have that option

      2) Vido will get MultiWndow Android. There is no word about the Pipo Ultra-U8 getting it.

      I have heard that the Vido battery life is not the best. But that might be due to unoptimized Android.

      I must do a post about those photos. I had no idea the “Ice Green” still had the same angled edge as the original silver V88.

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