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Another MultiWindow Android Demo Video

This one is significant because it’s not from Rockchip or Chuwi.

It’s from a company called Bravura Electronics in India. Strangely, there’s no iPad Mini clone listed on their own site.

See it after the break.

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MultiWindow Android On A TV Stick!


OK, this is an unexpected demo and a surprising use of MultiWindow Android!

It’s being used on a Tronsmart T428 TV stick!

Two videos after the break.

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Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #9

Why another post so soon?

Because this one has information from users in forums.

Over at Dragon Devs — which you really have to register with in order to see all forum posts as well as any links (I registered, dammit) — there’s a discussion of firmware updates to the Vido Mini One: Vido M1 (MiniOne) Official Firmware.

As a Commenter reported to me, the MultiWindow Android update is now available. But it seems that Vido’s tampering with Android — such as its customized home screen — initially makes it a less than stellar experience.

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