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Pierre Cardin iPad Mini Clone

Wait. What? WTF?

Yes, it’s true. In this post-modern era of brand name licensing whoredom, there is actually a Pierre Cardin-branded Android tablet.

A sorry-ass website (for a company I wouldn’t be surprised no longer exists) pimps the original one, which has this sad yet hilarious copy under its Trade tab:

… the Pierre Cardin Tablet PC is aimed at brand conscious women aged 18 to 34, technology novices not traditionally targeted by PC manufacturers. This makes it an ideal product to add to retailers existing ranges to attract these cash-rich fashionistas into their stores.

“Cash-rich fashionistas”?!!? Someone needs a slap.

Anyway, because YouTube Search is so damned atrocious — which doesn’t seem to bother its parent company which, you know, made its reputation based on search — I didn’t see this video until tonight.

Now you can too, after the break.

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MultiWindow Android: Another Video

So it seems that this video identifies the tablet from Bravura Electronics that was in the last post. It’s called the Gigil tablet. And it looks like a rebadged Vido Mini One.

See the video after the break.

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Rockchip Revises MultiWindow Android Logo


Someone must have caught on to the fact that “Android Windows” is a terrible search term. “Android in Windows” really isn’t that much better — it will bring up Android emulation for Microsoft Windows.

They should change it to “MultiWindow Android,” which is a better search term and an accurate description. It’s also closer to the official English logo. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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