Rockchip Revises MultiWindow Android Logo


Someone must have caught on to the fact that “Android Windows” is a terrible search term. “Android in Windows” really isn’t that much better — it will bring up Android emulation for Microsoft Windows.

They should change it to “MultiWindow Android,” which is a better search term and an accurate description. It’s also closer to the official English logo. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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One response to “Rockchip Revises MultiWindow Android Logo

  1. Ric Day

    I think the confusing name is intentional. Desktops in China have mostly run on (pirated) XP for years and for non-technical users there, Windows = computer. SEO is probably not that important, yet, because China has an extraordinary number of retailers selling computing devices in every town, so consumers are more inclined to go fondle devices than to research them online, especially because most of them know the information online is BS.

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