Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #10

Another post so soon because we have some interesting developments out of China. The most important news will lead off this post and then we’ll degrade into the recent reviews that have been published.

In the last post I mentioned the absence of Onda in Chinese tech blogs. Well, the day after Onda popped up in an advertorial post about its 3.2 firmware update and power consumption [Google English]. This advertorial has been running for several brands and seems to contain charts supplied by CPU maker AllWinner (a similar advertorial has run for Colorfly’s U781 clone, see Google English).

The big Onda news is word of an Onda V819mini [Google English]. It will be thinner than the V818 mini — and that’s all we know so far. Likely it will use the A31s CPU again. What’s more interesting is their upcoming V975 quad-core, which will be a 9.7-inch tablet with iPad Mini-like narrow bezels. No other details yet. But if Onda beats the iPad 5 to market with slim bezels, Apple won’t have a case to prevent its sale outside of China due to “trade dress.” Onda will have the legal high ground.

AllWinner is not content to let Rockchip steal the Android excitement with its MultiWindow Android.


In a publicity counter-attack, AllWinner announced it will be the first to adopt Android 4.3 and push it to its tablet partners [Google English]. And to prove how fast they’ve been working, they’ve released a screensnap allegedly showing 4.3 running on an A31s-based system:


It’s going to be interesting to see what Rockchip will do with Android 4.3, since MultiWindow Android is based on 4.2.

As for the above screensnap, let me complain about the fact that the first thing everyone does with a tablet — especially at trade shows — is go to the About information. Yet Google has placed that last in the list! Isn’t it past time Google got wise and moved that to the top of the list?

For Rockchip tablet owners: I’m not sure if RKTool is new but it’s being pimped [Google English]. As seen below, it’s Windows-only:


It assists in things such as gaining root, batch installing APKs, system backup, and the like. Since the program’s text is all in Chinese, theres’ not much more for me to go on. A download link is at the post for the adventurous. Be aware that you could brick your tablet if you don’t understand Chinese.

In a ridiculous advertorial post not labeled as such, iFive pimps its iFive Mini 3 clone [Google English]. They still haven’t disclosed what CPU this thing has, so what the hell are they pimping? And why is the Photoshop in this so damn bad:


They didn’t even bother to rotate the customized UI into portrait! Since this tablet has been seen only as renders, I have my doubts that it even exists outside of advertorial hype.

For those who want to check out the specs of the iPad Mini versus eight clones, there’s a post [Google English] that’s probably an advertorial. I can’t otherwise explain the bizarre order of the list, which begins with pimping AllWinner tablets first, then Actions, then Rockchip. In terms of CPU power for the money, it should be Rockchip, AllWinner, and Actions. I note that even though the ICOO Fatty 2 is listed, there’s absolutely no mention of it having a 2GB RAM version. So perhaps ICOO never released more than a few of those. If there’s only a 1GB model, then avoid it. 2GBs is likely required for MultiWindow Android and past reviews of tablets with 1GB of RAM have pointed out force closing of apps and browser tabs.

And now to the reviews…

The Cube Talk79 is reviewed [Google English], its box is examined [Google English], and there’s even a slideshow [Google English]. This is not a tablet I’ve had any interest in. If you have, note that it lacks microSD card expansion!

The Teclast P88s Mini is unboxed [Google English].


It claims to have an “OGS” screen rather than IPS and further claims it’s better. This is an A31s-based clone with just 1GB of RAM and 16GBs of storage.

The Colorfly U781 Q1 is “toured” (not an unboxing, really) [Google English], disassembled [Google English] and also gets a weird fumetti-like slideshow [Google English].

And we close this installment with more advertorial pimpery for the only-seen-as-renders M Brand’s A821 tablet [Google English].


Again, that uses a quad-core MediaTek 8389 CPU and has 3G.

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8 responses to “Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #10

  1. mid

    I’d find it very irritating if the “about” was on top as I personally use it very rarely.

    Chinese renders are always hilarious and it just shows how that whole system is ad-hoc. Since they just clone proved designs and buy parts from factories, I’d really like to see their product design cycle, for example:

    1. We look at products to clone, possibly also buy one and give it to the engineer to analyze it.
    2. Look at available hardware and pick some.
    3. Photoshop the original product and apply fake android screen.
    4. Tease the public into oblivion with your renders
    5. Put product on pre-sale to get some money and time.
    6. In the meantime your engineer figured out how to cram everything together.
    7. Send the order for few hundred units to the factory.

    • mikecane

      Fine, put About at maybe the fifth choice, as long as people don’t have to scroll all the way down for it.

      • Markoff

        I thought you are being ironic, but you seem to be serious, what would be the point putting About on some frequented place, how often ordinary user go there, once? only reason going there is battery info which you can check on Battery page and actually being last item is very convenient anyway, just swipe fast and you will end up there instead of looking for it somewhere in middle of other options

      • mikecane

        Incorrect. People go to About in all the YouTube trade show videos to see what version of Android a device is running, to see what the date of the Android version is, and other such hardware-related info. Placing About near the top would get rid of the several-second delay as people try to clumsily scroll with one hand while holding a camera/phone with another hand.

  2. mid

    Here’s another clone that appears to be a Vido M1 re-brand but cheaper :×768-Pixels-1GDDR3-8GB-Tablet-PC-/221261313468?

    Also some user feedback on it:

    Youtube “review”:

    There’s 1GB & 2GB version, but the battery rating sounds rather fishy.

    • mikecane

      Yeah, saw that on Slatedroid earlier today. Went to the URL on the back of the tablet picture and anti-virus went Red Alert on me. So, I’m not going to write about that tablet at all.

  3. Markoff

    anything from Teclast, no thanks, was doing extensive research recent days also on Chinese forums after I ordered Teclast A11 where speaker got broken after 3-4 days of few hours use, so I returned it and then actually found its battery exploded for some users, could find very graphic photos (somewhere around ZOL forums AFAIR), so no thanks, I will stay away from Teclast

    in the end I was deciding after returning Teclast A11 between ordering Vido Mini S, Vido N80RK (no bluetooth), Icoo Icou Fatty2 and Chuwi V88S mini and I’ve read enough Taobao/TMall reviews of Vido Mini S to stay away from this crappy tablet, like half of their people were complaining about quality, they must have some serious quality issues and because later I wanted lower weight I just end up deciding between Chuwi V88s and Fatty 2 which is basically same tablet as I learned and only difference between them should be 5500 vs 5000mAh battery, maybe better wifi modul, maybe better camera and that’s all, not really justifing buy of Fatty 2 especially with good firmware support/community for V88s mini

    • mikecane

      Well, from what I’ve been seeing in forums that really count — like XDA — many people have chosen to go with the Chuwi V88, despite the problems with WiFi and the microSD card protruding. Given that that the Vido Mini One still hasn’t gotten SDK 2.0 yet, it seems to me Chuwi is the best — or at least safest — choice, especially with Oma doing all those modified ROMs.

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