“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Pre-Sale


Chuwi has added this new model to their site.

Two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English] announce pre-sales will begin on July 30th (which it already is in China). These posts — unlike Chuwi’s own site — state that the new V88 will have MultiWindow Android included. There are links in those posts to Chuwi’s TMall store for those adventurous enough to pre-order direct from China.

With this model imminent, I will again have to resume slogging through Chinese forums for the detailed astroturfing posts that will pimp the hell out of it in staged photos. So standby for more in the days or weeks ahead.

Lastly, I wish they had called this this the V89 or V88G. Having two models with the same name is search engine hell.

Previously here:

New “Ice Green” Chuwi V88


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6 responses to ““Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Pre-Sale

  1. Guillermo Lopez

    This green version is starting to tempt me… I just got my refund back from an order for a white chuwi v88 which was out of stock. I’m not terribly in love with the green, but I don’t mind the slimming and the new smart covers.

  2. jun

    more importantly, will they fix the WIFI issue of the v88? like v88s, they changed the back with plastic, and WIFI is much better.

  3. Markoff

    and when I look at the metalic back plate I can already imagine quality of wifi reception, design fail

    • mikecane

      Let’s hope they are using better radios or have found a way to get through that metal back. It worries me too.

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