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Pipo Ultra U8 iPad Mini Clone Gets A Review

The Pipo Ultra U8 uses a Rockchip 3188 and has 2GBs of RAM, putting it in the same league as the Chuwi V88 and Vido Mini One. Its distinguishing features are a front-facing speaker, a rear camera with flash, a gyroscope, and an optional customized UI. Given the ambitions of Pipo’s founder — as seen in this video by Charbax — will the Pipo Ultra U8 do well under review?


Google English: 7.85 inch 28nm quad-core tablet Almighty test chemicals platinum U8

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New MultiWindow Android Pimpery


MultiWindow Android announced in New York City’s Times Square.

Crop-zoom after the break.

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Xiaomi Tablet Unveiling July 31st?


Xiaomi has a product unveiling happening in China tomorrow, July 31st. Several tech blogs, like this one [Google English], are speculating — based on hints from Xiaomi itself — that tomorrow will see the introduction of its rumored and highly-anticipated tablet.

This tablet was originally rumored to be a 4:3 screen like the iPad Mini, but the latest rumors point to a conventional 16:9 or 16:10 seven-inch screen. Still, if the render above proves true, it will cause a stir in the world of tablet design.

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Rumored Xiaomi iPad Mini Clone

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