New MultiWindow Android Pimpery


MultiWindow Android announced in New York City’s Times Square.

Crop-zoom after the break.


The blurtastic headline reads: Multi-Windows for Android Global Upgrade Release.

That’s not a permanent ad. It’s part of a promotion package offered by PR Newswire.

Rockchip did this once before, for the announcement of its new dual-core 3168 CPU.

The source of the photo [Google English] has this interesting last line, likely copy from Rockchip:

Not only proved the Chinese IC company’s technical strength, but also proved Google on the Android universal coverage determination and strategy.

A better translation might be:

Based on Google’s global strategy of Open Android, Rockchip has been able to display its strength as an integrated systems provider with this innovation.

I have to wonder what their reaction to this is in the Googleplex. Key Lime Pie is their only chance for a return salvo and to regain control of Android from Rockchip.

By the way, it’s been just fifteen days since MultiWindow Android was first leaked. I don’t think I’ve ever done so many posts here about just one topic.

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