Pipo Ultra U8 iPad Mini Clone Gets A Review

The Pipo Ultra U8 uses a Rockchip 3188 and has 2GBs of RAM, putting it in the same league as the Chuwi V88 and Vido Mini One. Its distinguishing features are a front-facing speaker, a rear camera with flash, a gyroscope, and an optional customized UI. Given the ambitions of Pipo’s founder — as seen in this video by Charbax — will the Pipo Ultra U8 do well under review?


Google English: 7.85 inch 28nm quad-core tablet Almighty test chemicals platinum U8

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Pipo has added a customized UI to its tablet:


That also makes it child-safe:


However, the entire customized UI is an option that can be turned off.

Despite the customized UI, the AnTuTu score is not affected:


Although the text of the review claims the 3188 hit 1.8GHz, as seen in the above screensnap AnTuTu states it maxes out at 1.6GHz. Harumph.

The screen is ten-point multitouch:


NenaMark2 benchmark was not run.

The review claims that the Pipo Ultra U8 is using an AUO HVA screen. This is not an IPS screen but the review claims it’s indistinguishable from one — but the posted screen photos display a questionable color saturation.

As for the 5MP back camera, here are two samples of several posted in the review:



The outdoor photos looks soft, washed-out, and unimpressive. The camera supports touch-to-focus and can do macro as well as panoramic imaging. So far the best camera in an iPad Mini clone belongs to the Colorfly U781 Q1 (which is an AllWinner A31s-based tablet).

No WiFi reception problems are reported in the review, despite the all-metal back. Perhaps this is due to the Pipo Ultra U8 including a chipset that supports the new “5G WiFi.”

The battery is 4,750mAh but a comprehensive rundown test wasn’t done, with the reviewer claiming that seven hours of use — aside from playing large 3D games — is its likely runtime.

This is a tablet that has Android 4.2.2 and despite its Rockchip 3188 CPU, there’s no word that it will get the MultiWindow Android update.

With its customized UI, Pipo seems to have targeted the kind of customer who wants a child-safe tablet. This might not be the tablet that adult power users should buy until there’s word that it will get MultiWindow Android.



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8 responses to “Pipo Ultra U8 iPad Mini Clone Gets A Review

  1. Graciela Belle

    PiPo U8 looks like iPad mini and feels like iPad mini.I had my cousin’s iPad mini and bought this one from merimobiles.com then compared the two.Not much of a difference really as Pipo U8 works smoothly and gives me a great screen view.Love this!

  2. Graciela – did you notice much of a difference in thickness and weight between the U8 and it iPad? (7.2mm / 8.5mm and 370g / 308). That appears to be quite a difference and I wonder if the U8 feels bulky compared to the iPad.

  3. Osman

    guys how about wi-fi.is it working good?

    • pablo

      I have one and the wifi sucks!! IT’s terrible. I even take back the cover to see if I can fix a ‘loose’ antenna.. Nothing.. The wifi sucks. I don’t have a 5gh routers so maybe it can be better with one of them…

  4. mitsos

    Should I prefer the Pipo Ultra U8 over the Onda V819 Mini?

    • mikecane

      In terms of sheer horsepower alone, yes. The Rockchip 3188 is more powerful that the Allwinner A31s in the Onda V819 Mini. Beyond saying that, I can’t recommend either one.

      • schum

        Can the RK3188 handle the latest hardcore games? I’m stuck between Pipo U8, iFive Mini3 and the v819 (or v812).

        Which of the three brings the best value? Screen brightness and durability, touch screen response and gpu power is what I’m concerned most.

      • mikecane

        All I can go by are the specs and published reviews (also go check YouTube for more videos). The Pipo U8 has 2GBs of RAM and is the best spec-wise. The Onda V819 has a MediaTek CPU and the V812 has an AllWinner A31s.

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