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Many-Named iPad Mini Clone Gets Astroturfing

The Cimi/Simi/Sago X8 gets the astroturf treatment [Google English and Google English].

This tablet isn’t going to make it out of China due to it being the clone-iest clone of them all. I note it just so people won’t wonder if I’ve ever heard of it.

A few boring and annoying photos after the break.

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MultiWindow Android For ICOO Fatty 2


Aside from the Chuwi V88 (original and “Ice Green” models) and the Vido Mini One, potential buyers now have a third choice to consider for MultiWindow Android: The ICOO Fatty 2, which in two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English] announced its forthcoming upgrade availability..


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iFive Mini 3: Rockchip 3188 CPU

After too many advertorial posts pimping a tablet without revealing its CPU, Five Technology finally announced their still seen-only-in-renders tablet will have a quad-core Rockchip 3188 CPU [Google English].


As can be seen in the above render, it will also have a customized launcher — it’s called the iFive Skin 2.5. Ugh.

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Xiaomi Punk’d The Press: No Tablet Yet

Despite the Xiaomi-fed hype that strongly hinted at the introduction of a tablet today in China, instead what the company released was the long-rumored “Red Rice” phone [Google English].


To me it looks like a cross between a shrunken Nexus 7 and Nokia’s design style.

This is Xiaomi’s “low-end” phone, their equivalent to the rumored “iPhone 5c.”

It has a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 IPS screen, uses a 1.5GHz MediaTek 6589T (T for Turbo) CPU, and has 1GB of RAM and other phone-like stuff that I really don’t give a damn about especially since they misled everyone to think a tablet was being introduced today. It will go on sale August 12th with an initial production run of ten million.

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