iFive Mini 3: Rockchip 3188 CPU

After too many advertorial posts pimping a tablet without revealing its CPU, Five Technology finally announced their still seen-only-in-renders tablet will have a quad-core Rockchip 3188 CPU [Google English].


As can be seen in the above render, it will also have a customized launcher — it’s called the iFive Skin 2.5. Ugh.

As the teased features dribble out, aside from the Rockchip 3188 (with SDK2.0), it will have a OneGlass layer (like the “Ice Green” Chuwi V88; other tablets are now adding this too), an IPS II screen, a 5MP back camera, will measure 6.5mm thick overall and a ridiculous 3.8mm at its thinnest edge, and allegedly weigh just 280g. Mind you, all this is still unproven because no photos of an actual tablet have yet to be published.

At least they had the damn sense to correct the bad Photoshop UI job —





See? Catching details like that is why you read this blog. Ha!

What’s missing in all this hype? Aside from a bunch of other things, the two most important things: The amount of RAM and storage!

Note that it has an all-metal back. So even if you’re excited by everything else, radio use might suffer due to being blocked by the metal back, as has been the case with the all-metal back of the original Chuwi V88.

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