MultiWindow Android For ICOO Fatty 2


Aside from the Chuwi V88 (original and “Ice Green” models) and the Vido Mini One, potential buyers now have a third choice to consider for MultiWindow Android: The ICOO Fatty 2, which in two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English] announced its forthcoming upgrade availability..


The Fatty 2 is a Rockchip 3188-based tablet with the distinguishing characteristic — aside from its embarrassing name no adult wants to say out loud — of a ginormous 5,500mAh battery.

But before getting all excited, the Fatty 2 has had quality control issues, so see these two prior posts before deciding to order:

iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed

iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Second Review

With this announcement ICOO has finally acknowledged that it will release the 2GB version of the Fatty 2 — which was supposed to exist since the original product introduction.

I fear that ICOO just doesn’t get the hang of MultiWindow Android because pimping it this way is Just Wrong:


What the hell does a keyboard have to do with anything? Are they trying to make people think this is a Microsoft Surface? Someone in Marketing needs a slap upside their head for that.

Because I just can’t get enough of screensnaps of MultiWindow Android — hahaha take that you can do two things at once Windows 8 Modern UI — here are two new ones:



Previously here:

ICOO Fatty 2: 2GB Version Exists



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2 responses to “MultiWindow Android For ICOO Fatty 2

    • mikecane

      Thanks. The M8Pro isn’t an iPad Mini clone, so I don’t cover it. The third post is too ambiguous in Google Translate for me to make sense of it.

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