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MultiWindow Android: Another Video

So it seems that this video identifies the tablet from Bravura Electronics that was in the last post. It’s called the Gigil tablet. And it looks like a rebadged Vido Mini One.

See the video after the break.

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Rockchip Revises MultiWindow Android Logo


Someone must have caught on to the fact that “Android Windows” is a terrible search term. “Android in Windows” really isn’t that much better — it will bring up Android emulation for Microsoft Windows.

They should change it to “MultiWindow Android,” which is a better search term and an accurate description. It’s also closer to the official English logo. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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Another MultiWindow Android Demo Video

This one is significant because it’s not from Rockchip or Chuwi.

It’s from a company called Bravura Electronics in India. Strangely, there’s no iPad Mini clone listed on their own site.

See it after the break.

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MultiWindow Android On A TV Stick!


OK, this is an unexpected demo and a surprising use of MultiWindow Android!

It’s being used on a Tronsmart T428 TV stick!

Two videos after the break.

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Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #9

Why another post so soon?

Because this one has information from users in forums.

Over at Dragon Devs — which you really have to register with in order to see all forum posts as well as any links (I registered, dammit) — there’s a discussion of firmware updates to the Vido Mini One: Vido M1 (MiniOne) Official Firmware.

As a Commenter reported to me, the MultiWindow Android update is now available. But it seems that Vido’s tampering with Android — such as its customized home screen — initially makes it a less than stellar experience.

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MultiWindow Android English Logo


From the official English-language press release: China Rockchip’s Multi-Windows for Android Global Upgrade Release

I wasn’t about to ever call it “Android Windows,” which is what it appears to be in Chinese. My own term was close enough to the real thing in English.

Previously here:

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MultiWindow Android Versus Windows 8
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Rockchip Bringing Windowing To Android

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New “Ice Green” Chuwi V88

In two advertorial posts — revealed only because they use the same images and words, otherwise not disclosed as such — there’s a new model of the Chuwi V88 forthcoming [Google English and Google English].

This one has a slimmer and rounder design and a distinctive titanium back color described as “Ice Green.”



What are the differences between it and the original Chuwi V88?

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Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #8

I’ve got several days of things I’ve collected, so this will be one of the longer Notes posts. And things will tend to be out of date order, so don’t pay attention to datelines when clicking through. I should also add this: Sometimes Google Translate will squawk it can’t connect with a page. Keep trying, it does work.

The much-anticipated Xiaomi tablet likely won’t be an iPad Mini clone after all.


Two posts [Google English and Google English] claim that leaked information points to a conventional 16:9 seven-inch screen with an unremarkable 1280 x 800 resolution. The leaked info also claims it will have a 13MP back camera. The quad-core CPU is rumored to be a Tegra 3 and 3G capability is also claimed. It will likely do well in China but I think most other people are looking forward to buying the new Nexus 7 announced this week. If the above image is true to the actual product, Xiaomi will at least get some points for not introducing just another slab that looks like all the rest.

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MultiWindow Android: Latest News


The first six tablets that will get MultiWindow Android have been announced in two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English] — probably paid for by Rockchip and its participating partners.

Of all of the Rockchip-based iPad Mini clones, only two are listed: The Chuwi V88 and the Vido Mini One. What’s significant about this is that both tablets offer 2GBs of RAM, so I wonder if MultiWindow Android needs that as a minimum for the upgrade to fully and smoothly operate. That would be an important factor to consider in choosing which iPad Mini clone to buy.

For those who have had doubts about how much MultiWindow Android will change things, we have a new video after the break.

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MultiWindow Android Versus Windows 8

I’m late to seeing this ad. Besides, is anyone really paying much attention to Windows tablets these days?

Oooooh. Two things at once. All that Intel CPU power and you can do two things at once.

Meanwhile, MultiWindow Android:


Four things at once.

Microsoft, you’re just so much toast these days.

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